Live-Bio is the lifestyle expression of Magdalena and Periklis, two entrepreneurs who decided to drop professional life for the love of nature, locally grown food and people-centred experiences.

We are a Greek who studied in London, lived in New York City and is currently a doctoral student in Spain; and a Pole from the gorgeous city of Gdansk who lived in Mexico before landing on the southernmost part of the African continent.

We believe that life is about being creative, about interacting with people who are not business agents, and about living closer to nature and its produce. We agreed that failing is preferable to not trying, that risk is better than placidity, and that mental and emotional balance is the greatest form of wealth.

If you would like to experience the same, come and join us!

Live Bio 2022 Year End

Another year, another wonderful season full of great moments, new friends, old friends, sunny days, fun in the sea, picturesque hikes, yummy food, fabulous wine, crazy laughs, interesting chats and looots of jumping! 🙂 As we wave 2022...

Poros, the island of Seferis (part II)

Poros, the island of Seferis (part II)

Nobel Prize winner George Seferis spent time on Poros Island where he wrote the poem 'Kichli', inspired by a ship wreck near the shores of Poros. Periklis assisted the Arte TV crew, taking them with our sailing boat -Naziara- to the location where Kichli was laying...

Live-Bio 2020 and 2021 Year End

Another Live-Bio season has passed and with this short video we want to celebrate all the amazing people that have come to visit us! We had guests from 27 different countries and nationalities, from 6 months to 86 years old, so many...