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Would you like to experience crystal clear waters and an untouched natural setting? Do you enjoy privacy and the absence of mass tourism? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the secluded beaches of Poros Island with our Live-Bio sailing boat. Approachable only by sea and disconnected from the road network, the bays near the Monastery of Poros are a gem to be discovered by connoisseurs of simplicity and nature. Enjoy a unique alternative-tourism experience, combining sailing, swimming, snorkelling and relaxation. Periklis, the skipper, is an RYA Offshore Yachtmaster with 29 years of sailing experience. You should feel safe. The duration of this experience is 4-6 hours.

Introductory sailing course

Have you ever wished to take an introductory sailing course in Greece? Why don’t you sign up for Live-Bio’s introductory sailing course? Taught by our resident RYA Offshore Yachtmaster, it is a great first step to develop some basic skills and decide whether you would like to proceed with a formal qualification!  Sailing is very important for us at Live-Bio. It is an inseparable piece of the concept that we have created and have embraced as our modus vivendi.  Before your arrival, we will start with a telephonic discussion to understand your level of expertise and ambition. If of course you choose to do the course while you are already looking at the Aegean Sea from our balcony, we can have this conversation in person. We will jointly decide if you would rather build up experience on a cruiser boat or on a laser- style dinghy. Or both! The duration of this experience will be up to you, but we recommend a minimum of 5 hours to get a good handle of the basics. We are not an accredited sailing instruction club but sailing has been in our skin for the past 29 years. We w gladly assist you with finding the appropriate RYA approved sailing school for your needs. We can also assist you with the theoretical modules of the exams or with building up the required sea miles.

Wine Tasting tour in the Nemea region

If you are into old world wines, the region of Nemea has been producing wine non- stop for the last 3.500 years. It is a memorable trip and a wonderful day excursion from Live-Bio. Our activity includes a number of wine tastings (usually 2-3, depending on your mood and alcohol tolerance!) and a meal (the cost of meal is up to each individual). For the ones who are passionate about wine, we will let the experts do all the talk. For all the other ones who enjoy it, we will gladly talk about the indigenous Greek wine varietals, wine making methods from the ancient times, as well as our extensive ‘research’ projects with wines of South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Spain.



Methana Peninsula excursion

Methana is a peninsula that is barely joint with the mainland with a narrow corridor of land. It is far from the tourist beaten track, a truly magical spot. Located a 30 min drive from Live-Bio, this spectacular area is known for its 3 000 year old (still active in theory) volcano and about 40 volcanic springs located around the peninsula. The sulphide rich waters around the town of Methana are very good for your body so if you are up for it, bring your swimsuit and take a dive in. For the active ones, we suggest a hike on top of the volcano where you can admire breath-taking views of the Aegean sea and the surrounding islands. After the hike we will visit our friend Theodoris at his café built from the volcanic stones for a cup of coffee (or something stronger), followed by lunch in a tiny fishing village – Vathi, where we will taste fresh fish and seafood in one of the local tavernas. There are also plenty hiking paths available in case you are up for it.

Devil’s Bridge hike

Ancient Troizina is known as home to the mythological hero Theseus, the son of Aethra and Aegeus, the king of Athens. We will start by visiting the ruins of the ancient palace of Troizina and then we will hike to the Devil’s Bridge, a place of wild beauty. The ‘bridge’ itself has been naturally created by the creek running for millennia in the gorge beneath it. We will reach the creek flowing from the mountains, forming fresh water pools and waterfalls surrounded by huge rock formations. If we are lucky and there has been enough rainfall, you will also be able to refresh in the pools. It is probably the cleanest and freshest water you can find in the area (other than the sea water, which you cannot drink though) so it is certainly worth it! So don’t forget your swimsuit…If you catch the place at its best, it can literally feel like a journey through a Lord of the Rings movie. Beware of the hiding hobbits!


Visit to the capital city of Nafplio

Greece’s capital city before Athens and one of its most beautiful towns, Nafplio, combines Venetian finesse with seaside grandeur. Embellished by two castles, narrow cobblestoned streets and numerous artisan shops, it is one of the most beautiful town-destinations in the Peloponnese. Whether you opt to visit the historical sites, soak up the culture or simply relax in the shaded walkways, Nafplion will enchant you. If your knees can take it, climb the 999 steps leading up to the top of the castle of Palamidi, the views will reward you. And don’t leave without trying the local ice- cream, reputed to be Greece’s best!

Visit to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

It is every theatre lover’s dream; certainly the most important ancient theatre in the world; and it is less than 1h drive away from Live-Bio. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site Epidaurus also hosts the sanctuary of Asclepius (the ancient god of Medicine, forefather to Hippocrates), the unbelievable acoustics or the natural setting. Poets memorise their work to recite it at the centre stage. Singers test (or show off) their voice. And kids enjoy clapping their hands while marvelling at the engineering ingenuity of this ancient gift. If you happen to visit us during the dates of the Greek Festival ( make every effort possible to attend one of the performances, it is an experience you will never forget.

Visit to the Ancient Mycenae

Mycenae and the ruins of Tiryns are one of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in our neighbourhood, and a visit can easily demonstrate why. The Mycenaean civilisation existed between 1600 BC and 1100 BC, although there is evidence of first inhabitation of the area between 3000-2000 BC. Mycenae was renowned for its technical and artistic achievements as well as its spiritual wealth, which spread around the Mediterranean world and played a vital role in the development of classical Greek culture. In Greek mythology, the city was founded by Perseus, who began the Perseid dynasty. The following dynasty, the Atreids, is famous due to Agamemnon, who was the king of Mycenae, as well as the leader of the Achaeans during the famous battle of Troy (as described by Homer).


Cooking class at Odyssey Cooking Centre

We love food at Live-Bio! Especially if it is made from fresh, local ingredients. If you are keen to learn a few, timeless Greek food recipes, we highly recommend attending a cooking class at Odyssey Cooking Centre, run by Katerina Sakelliou, expert chef with international training. Katerina’s parents used to own a restaurant and involved her in cooking from a very young age. She also travels the world and takes up cooking seminars to constantly learn new recipes and bring ideas from her travels. Once all the cooking is done (about 3-4 hours), you will sit down at the dinner table with your fellow chefs and try all the goodies that you have cooked. There are about 5 dishes plus desert and of course wine to accompany the food!


Imagine doing your “down dog” or “warrior” yoga poses right in front of the clear, blue sea, facing the uninhabited islands of the Saronic gulf and breathing in and out the fresh, sea scented air. We are not certified instructors, but we have been practicing yoga regularly for a number of years and will gladly take you through a morning or evening session on an almost private beach or on the Live- Bio veranda. Start or finish your day with a strong body and relaxed mind. Breath in… and breath out… Namaste!

Massages and Beauty Treats in Your Room

If you crave to completely relax and unwind, why not ordering a massage or a facial in your room? We have access to professional massage and beauty therapists (both female), who will be able to come to Live-Bio with their own massage bed, so you can enjoy that ultimate relaxation and the view at the same time! The therapists make their own essential oils from natural ingredients to further enhance your experience. They also offer various facials, using almost 100% natural Greek cosmetics APIVITA or premium DARPHIN products to pamper yourself even more. And all that without even leaving your room!


Ancient Greek Massage

Ancient Greek Massage at Amaltheia alternative therapy center

Have you ever tried an Ancient Greek massage? If not, you can do it at an alternative therapy center on Poros called Amaltheia. With no exaggeration, one of the best massages we’ve had! The experience starts as you walk through the door, you are greeted by Konstantina, the experienced therapist and creator of the place, which is decorated with natural handmade pieces of furniture, local herbs, and ancient Greek inscriptions. Ancient Greek massage is based on healing techniques supported by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. They were used in wrestling schools and gyms of ancient Greece and applied to patients in Asklipias that operated as healing centers. It releases stress offering a deep sense of relaxation and wellness and at the same time brings you close to the ancient Greek thought. A unique experience and ultimate relaxation!


Mountain or Trekking bike Tours

Exploring our gorgeous region by bike will be a great opportunity to interact with nature, enjoy the breath taking views and give your body some exercise. There will be a choice of mountain or trekking bikes depending on your appetite for adventure. There are also different levels of difficulty from beginners to professionals, including downhill rides. You will also have a number of routes available (Epidavros, Methana, Poros, Troizina. Don’t forget to take your swimming costume as there will be a chance to cool off in the sea!

4×4 off road experience

Feel the thrill of the 4×4 off road experience combined with another activity of your choice – sea kayaking, Stand Up Paddle, mountain or trekking bike tour. The 4×4 cars are perfect for exploring our gorgeous neighbourhood and are able to take you to places that are hard to access otherwise. “Go where Google can’t” as we like to say!

Sea Kayaking

Just like it is with sailing, discovering Poros and the surroundings with a kayak makes it a very unique experience. You will visit bays and beaches that can only be accessed by sea. And rowing will constitute your exercise for the day! You will start your day at around 9 am. The instructor will teach you the basic moves, techniques of kayaking and tell you all about safety while on the water. You will get your equipment and then just start rowing! You will be going along the coast, stopping on the beaches and bays (including the secluded ones), swimming to refresh yourself and then continue the exploration.



Have you ever wanted to try diving? Or maybe you are already an experienced diver and you would like to explore the underwater world around Poros island, or even further out in the Saronic Gulf? Our friend George Anagnostopoulos from Dive in Blue diving center on Poros ( ) can teach you the basics of diving, take you on the most interesting dives of our area, or you could even do an Andi license under his training and supervision.


Watersports with Drepani ski centre

Have you always wanted to learn how to water ski? Or maybe you already know it pretty well and would like to perfect your skills? Or you just want to enjoy a fun day spent in the water and sun? We are privileged to have Drepani centre as our neighbours (they are located right outside Galatas, on a picturesque lagoon). Sotiris, Marianna and their two children are highly experienced water skiers (they hold many European championships) and they use professional equipment for all the water sport activities. The beginners will practice on their site in Neorio bay on Poros, the more experienced water skiers will enjoy the lagoon facility on the mainland side. The activities offered: water skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and water toys (tubes; banana).


Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a fantastic combination of exercise and exploration. Don’t worry if it is your first time, you will be in the safe hands of the instructors. There are a number of routes to choose from (Galatas-Shipwreck; Poros tour; gorgeous beach of Kalloni or Methana peninsula). The instructors even have a Go Pro camera if you’d like to take some shots!


If you would like to practice your swimming skills (beginners’ or advanced) there is an opportunity to do so with a passionate long distance swimmer and triathlonist, Spyros Rois. Spyros once swam from Athens all the way to Poros! He has participated in numerous triathlons and swimming races, so if you would like to train for your next race, he is the right person to go to! One of Spyros’ favourite swimming routes is to the Lion Island – the one you can see from the Live-Bio balcony. 

SUPilates and Aqua aerobic

What a great idea for an exercise on a hot summer day! SUPilates will help you work on your core and balance while Aqua aerobic will give you more of a cardio work out. And you will be spending time in the sea and sun! It’s a win-win!

Fishing trip with the friendliest fisherman

Tassos is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet! Like on the photograph above a smile never leaves his face. Tassos is happy to customise a fishing experience for you: whether you enjoy line fishing, deep see fishing or casting the nets, everything is possible upon request. We recommend the following 2 options: A “hardcore fisherman trip” where you would join Tassos around 4-5 am (before sunrise) and help him cast the nets into the sea. You would then have some coffee and snack while you wait for the fish to be caught. You will also have an opportunity to watch the sunrise.  The “relaxed fishing trip” will start around 9 am (or any other time that is convenient for you). You will pick up the nets, line fish or simply go straight to the bays of Poros or around Modi island for some swimming and snorkelling. Tassos will prepare the meal with the freshly caught fish, which you will enjoy all together.


Nakas Blue boat tours and rentals

Motorboat tours and rentals

If you enjoy fast boats and you wish to explore our area on board of one, there are a few local companies that rent motorboats (with or without a skipper). We highly recommend Nakas Blue. They offer more high-end boats and many different cruises including shipwreck and ancient ruins snorkelling, sunset cruises with Prosecco and cold snacks, half day tours around Poros exploring secluded bays and beaches, as well as fully tailored trips for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, organised beach parties and BBQs. Some of the long-distance cruises include: from Athens to Poros; from Poros to: Hydra, Spetses, Agistri, Methana or even all the way to Monemvasia and Milos. For all available cruises and tailored experiences including their prices check their website.



While on your holiday at Live-Bio, why not learn weaving, doll making, spinning or felt making? All these activities are available via our collaboration with Ergani Weaving Workshop on Poros Island. Eleni, who is a weaving master, has been teaching how to weave using various fabrics and techniques for more than 15 years. Eleni also teaches spinning (making yarn from fleece), felt making (another way to make fabric out of wool), doll making (especially in a form of a holiday souvenir, using pieces you find during your travels). Recently she added eco-weaving (using plastic bags and all sorts of recycled material) and weaving in nature, which are especially popular among kids.

Soap making workshop with Olive Lab

Have you tried making your own soap? Are you keen on creating a perfect bar of soap made 100% from natural ingredients? We know a very special lady – Magda Serafeimidou from Olive Lab, who is incredibly talented and will gladly share her knowledge and passion with you. In this workshop the main ingredient you will be using is extra virgin organic olive oil – abundant produce of Greece rich in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins your body needs. The modern cold method of soap making will ensure that all the nutrients important for your skin and hair remain in the final product. All the beneficial ingredients as well as natural glycerine will be generated during the saponification process. You will also learn how to “flavour” your soap with pure essential oils, herbs and spices.

Ceramic workshops with Silo Art

Are you keen to get your hands dirty (literally! :-))? Do you feel like being an artist for an hour or two? You can do it at Silo Art Factory which is located near the Ancient site of Mycenae. The owner, Stelios Maragos, is a true Renaissance style artist. He makes beautiful furniture from old shutters and doors he finds in the area; he works in wood and iron, creating sculptures of different kinds, and he works in clay. Silo Art is a museum itself as the workshop has aisles and aisles of old things, from giant pots, furniture, old tools, irons, mirrors, dolls, you name it! One can spend literally hours strolling through the workshop and discover gems.
The ceramic workshop itself is a lot of fun, especially for kids as they get to create something unique with their own hands, which they can then take home.

Poros Historical Walk

Find out more about Poros, its history and culture. Visit the most important monuments and learn about the local architecture. Wander through the small, picturesque streets of Poros town, observe the locals and their customs. The walk includes a visit to the biggest and the most important church of the island and a brief explanation of the Orthodox traditions.


Sokakia games

Our friends at the cultural center Katheti have created a game called Sokakia which is a fun experience and a great way to explore Poros. Sokakia means alleys in Greek and so the idea is that you get yourself a bit lost in the small alleys of Sfairia (the part of the island with the town of Poros). There are different teams (minimum 2), each receives a papyrus which includes the game instructions, rules, riddles that the players need to solve, and a map of Sfairia so they can orientate themselves. After wandering through the small alleys and around some of the main landmarks of Poros, all teams arrive at the final point (Saint Thanasis church) where they face the final riddle. The team that collects the most amount of points wins 🙂 Sokakia is a fantastic way to uncover the beauty of Poros, including some of the less frequented spots.


Guided Hydra day trip

What is so unique about Hydra? Well, probably the fact that it has no cars. You can travel on a donkey though. Or just walk, while admiring stunning the architecture of this magical island. Did you know that a famous Italian actress, Sophia Lauren and a well known musician, Leonard Cohen also fell in love with Hydra? The latter’s family still owns a house there. You will travel to Hydra with Vangelis who will be your guide for the day. His knowledge of the island and its history is impressive. You will walk through town, find out more about the history, architecture and culture. And if you are up for it you can take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.


Interaction with the Horses in their Natural Habitat

Our dear friends, Efrosini and Yannis from the Land of the Wolf are incredibly passionate about animals, in particular horses. They have 14 of them. They let them run freely on their large property up the Mount Adheres (just outside Galatas). The horses are effectively their family and are treated as such. Together with Efrosini and Yannis you will be spending time surrounded by their horses, touching, feeling them and you will also have a chance to feed them (their favourite is watermelon, especially in summer!). You can also choose to walk with them in the wild, but only under supervision of either Yannis or Efrosini. For those who are more adventurous and want to experience this magical spot for longer, the hosts offer an overnight stay either in a professional expedition tent or a hammock (if it is warm enough to sleep under the stars).



Professional hikes and orienteering course

Sure, you can put your shoes on and start hiking anywhere around our area. But if you are interested in discovering the most undiscovered places with professional guidance, there is no better person to do this with but Yannis from the Land of the Wolf. Yannis is an expert trained alpinist and probably the person with the most intimate knowledge of every square meter of our region! In addition, Yannis offers a customised orientation course for the ones interested in developing survival skills in unknown territories.



Traditional Greek dancing classes

Have you ever wanted to learn traditional Greek dancing? Well, you can do it at Live-Bio! In fact you can learn a traditional dance of Poros island itslef called “Hasapiko”. It is truly beautiful and unique. Our friends, Maria and Christos, are professional dancers and run a dancing school on Poros. They are very happy to come to Live-Bio to teach you the steps. The class would take place on our deck, veranda or inside the common area if it is raining for whatever reason. And after you have learned the steps, we can all have a glass of wine and practice what you’ve learnt!