Since inception, our objective was for Live Bio to be an establishment that respects the environment and local culture. While on the journey we co-founded project Ec(h)o with the support of Project Resound and other like minded local businesses and individuals (Katheti; Odyssey) with the intention to promote sustainable tourism in our area.

The Live Bio location was not really our choice – we “inherited” the property from Periklis’s father. Therefore we could not be any happier to hear that Poros was chosen to be the third Greek “green island” as part of the GR-Eco initiative as announced at the recent COP28 summit (Poros to Become Greece’s Third ‘Green’ Island – The first two green islands were Chalki and Astypalaia – click on their names to read more about their “green journeys”.

Key aspects of the Green Island transformation

As explained by the Greek prime minister, the transformation of Poros into a green island is based on four key aspects:

  • Building a photovoltaic park to cover a significant part of the island’s annual energy needs;
  • Powering the ferry connection between Poros and Galatas on the mainland with electricity, and also developing an e-ship to that effect;
  • Boosting overall e-mobility in both public and private transportation;
  • Developing a new system of circular economy based on recycling and proper utilisation of waste.
Poros the new Green Island of Greece
View from Poros to the Peloponnese
View on Poros town from Neorio
Poros view on Daskalio island
Poros – Galatas canal

Imagine our local traditional taxi boats criss crossing the channel between Poros and Galatas powered by electricity; energy produced locally from the abundant sun that blesses our area; and a comprehensive waste management system that recycles local trash and produces electricity.

We are thrilled with the announcement and we look forward to be part of the Poros green island initiative!

By the way, the fight against designating large, virgin parts of the Poros and Methana coastline as intensive fish farming locations is still on. We hope that the green island designation will also assist the local community’s fight against the industrial fish farms which will pollute the local coastlines and damage the already fragile marine environment including the EU protected Posidonia Meadows.

Please show your support by signing the petition against the industrial fish farms on Poros and Methana here

Poros secluded bays