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    SailingWine tasting in the 3500 year old Nemea regionCooking class at Odyssey Cooking CentreMassages and beauty treats in your roomAncient Greek massage at Amaltheia alternative therapy centerMethana peninsula excursion (incl. volcano hike)Devil's Bridge and ancient Troizina hikeVisit to the Capital City of NafplioVisit to the Ancient Theatre of EpidaurusVisit to the Ancient MycenaeTraditional Greek dancing classesGuided Hydra day tripInteraction with Horses in their Natural HabitatProfessional hikes and orienteering courseYogaMountain or Trekking bike tour4x4 off road experienceSea KayakingWatersports with Drepani ski centreFishing with the friendliest fishermanStand Up PaddleSwimmingSUPilates and Aqua aerobicWeavingSoap making workshop with Olive LabPoros historical walkIntroductory sailing course

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    Live-Bio Rooms Rates


    70 EUR per night – Low Season
    (May & October)

    80 EUR per night – Mid Season

    90 EUR per night – High Season
    (June, July & August)

    (Plus a once off 60 EUR cleaning fee)

    Want breakfast in bed?

    How about adding breakfast to your stay? Our breakfasts are prepared individually and exclusively from local produce, delivered to your door each morning. No silly buffets with packaged ham and cheese!

    Simple breakfast – 6 EUR per person per day

    • Seasonal local fruit
    • Yoghurt or rice pudding, made with organic sheep’s milk from local pastures
    • Freshly baked Greek pastry (croissant, cheese pie, vanilla custard pie) or fresh bread and home made marmalade
    • Home made lemonade or cherry-nade from our area’s famous lemon grove


    Full breakfast – 10 EUR per person per day

    • All of the above
    • Local, free range eggs done in your preferred style (scrambled, omelette, boiled etc.)
    • Local yellow cheese made from sheep’s milk