Today we are waving 2019 goodbye. It was Live-Bio’s 5th season, which is sometimes still hard for us to believe! We are happy and grateful, first of all because Magdalena has regained her health and strength. Secondly, because yet again we had such a good time with all our guests and friends who have visited us (we counted 23 nationalities this time round). 2019 was also a record year in terms of returning guests. It is the biggest compliment we can get from you wonderful people! And it gives us strength and energy to keep going; to make Live-Bio better and better each year.

In 2020 we want to continue our journey to sustainability. We have already replaced all our lights to be energy efficient; we use solar boilers to heat up water; we use recycled water for plants watering (and all our plants are indigenous and resistant to draught). What’s the plan for next year? Get rid of plastic water bottles and install a drinking water filter for everyone to use. And of course we will continue producing our own olive oil, which is as organic as it gets (no fertilisers, no irrigation, nothing but nature’s own doing).

Even though winter is our resting time, we are already looking forward to those memorable sailing trips, swimming in the turquoise blue Aegean sea, endless hot summer days and warm evenings with delicious food and local wine. We are looking forward to the excursions, hikes, ancient site visits, theatre plays and concerts. But above all we are looking forward to meeting YOU guys, our new Live-Bio family members and welcoming our returning friends. Hope to see you in 2020!