There is little we need to add on COVID-19… Greece has not been as badly hit as our neighbouring countries but the Government and Health Authorities have taken extreme precautionary measures. Schools, universities, bars, restaurants, cafes, organised beach sites, all non essential shops and service providers, museums, theatres, cinemas, gyms, play grounds and stadiums are closed. In addition, the Greek government has enforced the closure of all seasonal rooms to let at least till the end of April.

Our protective measures to date

  • All our rooms have been closed since October 2019 and nobody, absolutely nobody, has entered them ever since
  • We have restricted access to our property which, as some of you probably know, is distant from any people traffic
  • We are not planning to open until at least mid-May and we are not accepting any reservations for May and early June
  • We have identified a local firm that offers professional sterilisation services that include COVID-19

Our pledge to our guests

We are obviously monitoring the situation closely and will update our approach as appropriate. In any case we will be taking necessary precautions this summer:

  • We will sanitise all rooms and common areas
  • Our cleaning staff will take extra precautions (gloves and other protective clothing if needs be)
  • We will provide cleaning and hygiene products for the duration of your stay
  • You will have a choice to move your booking to a later date (provided we have availability in the new requested period)
  • If you are unable to travel to Greece (for example due to travel restrictions or flight cancellations), we will credit any deposit you may have paid to a future stay at no cost
  • If you still decide to cancel your stay in 2020 altogether, please contact us so we can discuss the deposit reimbursement

There is no doubt Greece’s fragile economy will be hit very hard due to this pandemic. Tourism and hospitality make up about 25% of the country’s GDP and employ over 40% of the workforce, with the majority of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, cafes being small and family owned. Many Greeks rely on the summer season to make a living for the remaining months of the year. Many of them will certainly take a hard hit in these difficult circumstances. Please think about it before cancelling your Greek trip this year. Consider postponing it to a later date if at all possible. The Greek people (including ourselves) will be extremely grateful!

Let’s support each other during these difficult times. Be kind, be safe, be informed and don’t be selfish. Together we can face it all!

Live-Bio Family
Live-Bio Family