Enjoy Greece in a safe environment

Live-Bio offers private residences with a private entrance, private balcony (with gorgeous views to the Aegean Sea), private bathroom and ample open (and distanced) common spaces.

Unlike large tourist destinations, we cater to small groups in an intimate environment without clutter. We only have 6 private residences (plus our own home) in a terrain of 10.000 square metres, surrounded by century old olive trees and Mediterranean herbs.

Our property is located in a sparsely populated area, 1.5 kilometres out of the small village of Galatas and right 2 minutes across the gorgeous island of Poros. Local beaches are walking distance, local restaurants deliver to your door and the local medical centre (4 kilometres away) can cater to most first aid requirements you may have.


Does everything have to change in tourism?

A lot has been written and discussed about the future of tourism post Covid-19. While undoubtedly many things will change, our view at Live-Bio is that the future is going to re-inforce the existing trends towards more authentic experiences in a local environment.

Sure, there will always be demand for large hotels and organised destinations; but if you are looking for an easily accessible, authentic destination where you can enjoy the sun, the sea,  local delicacies and the local culture without feeling surrounded by hoards of other visitors, Live-Bio may be the place for you.


What are the local safety standards?

Before you travel, we urge you to visit the official web pages about travel to Greece.




All incoming visitors are required to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) that you can download on your smartphone using the links above.

The requirements regarding PCR tests, quarantine and vaccination are updated frequently, so we would like to recommend that you study them well before you book.


Enjoy your holidays the Live-Bio way

For all of you who have visited us before, you know that Live-Bio offers a unique holiday experience, vastly different to large hotels and organised resorts.

From inception, we wanted Live-Bio to be different. It is almost ironic how well our initial intentions align with the latest demands for responsible tourism:

  • We are located in a hectare of land (2.5 acres – 10.000 square metres) and about 1.5 kilometres away from the towns of Galatas and of Poros Island, while we offer only 5 rooms for rental
  • All rooms have private entrances, private balconies and private bathrooms, ensuring social distancing for all guests
  • We never offered buffet breakfast, but instead the option for breakfast served to each room. Buffets are not our thing: the lavish ones are incredibly wasteful, the basic ones are terrible (toasted bread and cheese slices are a no no for us)
  • Our guests can visit us by travelling directly to the Athens International Airport, Greece’s largest and most organised airport, and have the option to arrive in the safety of a car, without having to mingle with boat passengers (as is the case with most islands). Of course, one can still arrive by ferry, while adhering to the appropriate safety rules

If travelling abroad is an option for you, we would be delighted to host you at Live-Bio!

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