The sun cast its warm rays over the lush green hills of ancient Troezen (locally pronounced Trizina). The morning light and the mild northern breeze generously offered their sobering qualities to the harshly hangover bodies of the participants in the previous night’s fest.

This is how the story of Theseus started, the king of Athens who was born in Trizina, the region that is home to Live-Bio. In this and the following blogposts we are going to outline some of the most important elements of this colourful yet also significant chapter of Greek history.

History and mythology evolved hand in hand in the minds, memories and hearts of people throughout the ancient times. Mythology is the collective outcome of historical events, human story making, selective memory and referential confusion. As such, it should always be taken lightly but never dismissed as fairy tales.

Troizina Theseus

Trizina – the valley

Troizina Theseus

Trizina – the sight of the palace and the ancient temple

The King of Athens and the Princess of Trizina meet

The king of Trizina had invited the king of Athens to his palace in order to strengthen the ties between the two neighbouring powers that were connected and separated by the blue waters of the Saronic Gulf.

Music, dance and wine were essential in all such diplomatic initiatives, and their inebriating effects made the bonding a little bit too close.

– Cheers to you, my glorious king of Athens!

– Cheers to you too, majestic leader of the kingdom of Trizina!

– My kingdom is your kingdom, oh noble and proud friend! May all your wishes come true in life!

– Cheers to that dear friend Pittheus! And cheers to this stunning beauty sitting on the other end of our table!

– This is my daughter you son of a dog, don’t you dare think of touching her…

Alas, the king of Athens did touch her and the morning breeze found him lying unconscious next to her naked body.

– Oh fiddlesticks, I hope I did not touch you! At least, not too much…

The touch was a tad more intimate than the two kings would have wished for, and the results of the testing tube were clear: a baby was on its way.

The gods of Olympus were not only saving humans; they were also often used by humans to save themselves.

– Listen dear Aethra, I didn’t mean to…

– You didn’t? You told me that I am the most beautiful woman you have ever seen!

– I said that?

– You didn’t mean it?

– Oops, yes, sure I meant it! Alcohol makes you look gorgeous!

– But I didn’t have any wine last night!

– You missed my point dear, I did… Can you please tell your father that Poseidon came to your sleep and impregnated you?

– Can I say instead it was Apollo? He is so much more handsome…

– No you silly bimbo, Apollo was with Dryope last night, Poseidon is safer.

– Do you mean that Dryope is better looking than me?

– No, in the name of Zeus no, my gorgeous Aethra, it is just that…

– Whatever, you dumb ass! And what will I tell the child?

– Your son?

– Our son, you idiot! And how do you already know the gender of the offspring?

– I am the mighty king of Athens, I only sow male seeds.

– And what will I do with all the pink clothes I bought?

– Dress him up for Halloween, I don’t know! Anyways, when the boy grows old enough to lift this boulder, tell him to take my armour from underneath and ask him to come and find me in Athens.

– What a shame! I bought such stunning dresses and skirts. And my mother is working on a delicate pink jumper…

Troizina - Theseus lifting the rock

Theseus lifting the rock (this photo is not ours, but given that the plaque has been stolen and stands in the British Museum, I will not offer copyright acknowledgements)

Young Theseus discovers his father’s arms

The boy (it was a boy indeed) grew fast. And his belief that he is the son of Poseidon motivated him to skip school and spend his mornings in the gym instead. One day, the strong teenager came to the palace.

– Mom, look at what I found underneath this huge rock outside our entrance!

– You lifted it already, you little bastard?

– Little bastard? What do you mean?

– Oh, nothing, it is just an expression. Put on the armour and take the first ferry to Athens. At the palace, ask for your father.

– Does Poseidon live in Athens?

– Come my baby, sit down, there are a few things I need to tell you…

Young Theseus was shell shocked. He was not the son of a god, but rather the son of a mortal. His friends would never stop picking on him.

– That’s it, I’ve had enough of lies! I am going to walk to Athens and clear things up!

– Why don’t you take the ferry, son, it is air conditioned!

– The armour is too big, I won’t fit through the door. Plus, there are a few thugs on the way to Athens, I need to perform a few feats to prove my worth…

And off he went. In the next blogpost we will enjoy the stories of Theseus on his way to his father in Athens. Stay tuned!