Earlier in September, when we were sailing back from Spetses island, right before Poros, we experienced something out of this world. First Periklis spotted “something big” jumping out of the sea far in the background. Then after 15-20min or so we spotted it again. This time we were sure. It was a dolphin! And in a few minutes we saw the whole group of them! They swam up to our sailing boat and were playing with it. We were following them for quite a while and had the most incredible sighting of the whole family (at least 10-15 of them) of dolphins! We got excited like little kids! Both Periklis and I saw dolphins before, even played with them, but it was in captivity. To see those beautiful creatures in the wild, having the time of their lives, jumping happily and dancing in the sea was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had. It also felt like they put a show just for us! There were no other boats nearby and it seemed that only we saw them. We will never forget this day, this moment! Here we share with you just under 2min footage of an adventure that lasted for almost 1 hour in total.