And you are still working?

Of course. If a person does not work, they go numb. One has to move, not like some who only eat and sleep. This is not possible. Even walking is so good. We used to walk down from the mountain on foot. Over Easter, when the mass would start at 6 am, we would wake up at 2 in the morning to walk down to the church. We would often find it closed, because we arrived too early. And after the holy communion, we walked back up to the farm. But, my girl, it was different times back then, the families and the kids would love each other, there was no fighting. We used to eat in the morning and in the evening only, as we had to work all day. We would eat in the evening and, each night, a different girl would have to do the washing up. It was beautiful years. Now it is difficult. A lot of people used to come up to the farm, they loved the mountain. It was nice. But then things deteriorated, nature deteriorated. What can one do?

Tell me more about your siblings?

We were four girls and four boys. My three brothers have passed away. They went to Australia and that is where they died. The women are alive, nothing happened to them. Back then people used to emigrate to Australia looking for something better. But it was far, they would leave and we would never see them again. They never came back.

Two of my sisters live on Poros and one in Galatas. My older sister has passed away. I was the second oldest. My other sisters are married and they have grandchildren.

So what did you do the days you were not working?

Sometimes we would walk from the mountain to swim, but we were really far. Yet again, we were young, we could walk fast.

What is your favourite food?

I don’t have a preference, they are all the same. Roast meat is a preference, I could say, but we cook everything, moussaka, pastitsio, everything. When we had few customers we would just ask them what they wish for and we would prepare it.

Do you have a passion for something?

Now, nothing, I don’t want anything. I hope I can carry on living well and when the end comes, may that be. I am 84 you know.

Do you have any favourite places?

No, they are all the same. Truth is I don’t know that many places. But here is the best place.

Have you ever travelled?

Only to Athens. Nowhere else. Maybe only to Nafplion as well.

What is happiness for you?

Love. Having a good relationship with everyone. And being happy, smiling. Nothing else. This is already a big deal.

What message would you give to the younger generation?

When they reach the age of 18, to start working if they are educated. If they are not, to love their parents. It is no big deal having anything else. As long as you have tranquillity and love, you are just fine, the best person in the village. Love is everything. And health. Now wait, I have to do some work. I also need to prepare food for the dogs.