Emotions are mixed on this last day of the 2017 Live-Bio season.

On the one hand, it is relief: a relentless six months have gone by. Six months where there is no moment to switch off, where there is no weekend and no time that a guest may not ask for something, even during the middle of the night. On the other hand, melancholy makes the throat feel sticky and the eyes heavy. No more friends around, no more noises from the rooms and no more cheerful morning greetings. The sky decided to join us, changing its usual ethereal blue dress for a grey winter costume.

It was an incredible start of the day. The sun came up over the Aegean Sea, opening up its warmth in-between the rain cast clouds. We were blessed with wonderful, albeit dry, weather this Autumn and the drops from heavens offered a spring-like feel to the thirsty land.

2017 end of season - sunrise

2017 end of season – sunrise

2017 end of season - sunrise

2017 end of season – sunrise


All rooms our empty now. It is a strange routine, switching off appliances, disconnecting the water supply and storing all furniture inside. The Live-Bio pool, our latest big addition for the 2017 season, is also covered up and prepared for winter.

2017 end of season - pool

2017 end of season – pool


Our patio, home to so many gatherings and parties is also empty, a ghost reflection of its own past. At the same time, we are looking forward to the traditional Greek stone-tiles we are planning to install over winter.

2017 end of season - patio

2017 end of season – patio


Naziara is also out, sitting on dry land, waiting for the caring hand of maintenance to refresh her and get her ready for next summer. It feels strange looking at the bay in front of us without Naziara’s gracious blue silhouette undulate over the gentle swell.

2017 end of season - Naziara

2017 end of season – Naziara


Cycles are everywhere in nature: day to night, summer to winter, sprout to wilt. Yet, modern life has tried to do away with them and make our experiences an uninterrupted continuity, with unnatural intervals over weekends and a few days of vacation. One of the objectives behind the Live-Bio project was to come closer to nature, and our life has started mirroring the gate of earth around us. It certainly feels that this objective at least has been achieved, even if the cycle has to finish with the sadness of winter.

The mixed feelings are normal, if not welcome. An incredible season has gone by, with so many happy memories and even more new friends. We look back with nostalgia but cannot help but look forward to the new year ahead. Maybe, today at least, melancholy is ok. In the end, as Victor Hugo said, melancholy is the happiness of being sad.

See you next year!