Live-Bio is the lifestyle expression of Magdalena and Periklis, two entrepreneurs who decided to drop professional life for the love of nature, locally grown food and people-centred experiences.

We are a Greek who studied in London, lived in New York City and is currently a doctoral student in Spain; and a Pole from the gorgeous city of Gdansk who lived in Mexico before landing on the southernmost part of the African continent.

We believe that life is about being creative, about interacting with people who are not business agents, and about living closer to nature and its produce. We agreed that failing is preferable to not trying, that risk is better than placidity, and that mental and emotional balance is the greatest form of wealth.

If you would like to experience the same, come and join us!

Live-Bio at the South Summit

Live-Bio at the South Summit

Live-Bio at the South Summit Last week, I was offered the honour to present Live-Bio at the South Summit conference in Madrid. The South Summit is one of the leading startup conferences in Europe aimed to promote the talent, the innovation and the opportunities coming...

First Live-Bio Greek Easter

Greek Easter is a very special time for all Greeks, irrespective of how religious they are. It is time of celebrating life, lots of eating, drinking and dancing. Time for the family and friends to be together and be merry. First Live-Bio Greek Easter And this is how...