Wyspy nieopodal szczęścia

Grecja – trzy skojarzenia. Szybko, mów! Słońce i...? Do śniadania wyciskany własnoręcznie sok, od którego pomarańczowieją myśli. Smak oliwek z Kalamaty! Raz, dwa, trzy, już, starczy. Jak to nie fair? Nie przeżyłbyś bez butelki pachnącej sosną retsiny, bez sirtaki...

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One night in Athens

Several guests ask us what to do and where to stay if they spend one night in Athens (or two, or more!) Overshadowed by its millennia-long history, Athens is often associated with its ancient marvels and its endless museums. But there is a lot more to that, especially...

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Top 15 Dishes To Try in Greece

Greek cuisine has so much to offer. So much it is often difficult to choose from the menu. Here is a list of our favourite 15 dishes you should try in Greece. They are not in any particular order (well, maybe the first 3 are our favourites). There are vegan,...

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Dancing with the Dolphins

Earlier in September, when we were sailing back from Spetses island, right before Poros, we experienced something out of this world. First Periklis spotted "something big" jumping out of the sea far in the background. Then after 15-20min...

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10 best beaches on Poros and vicinity

Poros (read also about 10 top things to do on Poros and vicinity), a gorgeous Greek island of the Saronic Gulf is gifted with beautiful bays and beaches. However, we found that some of the nicest ones are located on the mainland, Peloponnese, opposite Poros island....

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