Live-Bio is different! And the Live-Bio family is our favourite manifestation of our people-centred business model.

Live-Bio is about authentic holiday experiences

From the get go, our objective has been to offer authentic holiday experiences, involving interaction with local people, appreciation of the local nature and the development of strong emotional, cultural and intellectual ties with our guests.

To a large extent, our business model is the natural outcome of our personalities. And it is our diverse background in finance, marketing and business development that we wanted to bring in and ‘revolutionise’ the way people enjoy authentic holiday experiences.

Risk Minds International in Amsterdam

On the basis of my finance and academic background, I was invited to speak at Risk Minds International in Amsterdam. Other than chairing the discussions on emerging financial technologies and trading portfolio frameworks, I also presented the outcomes of my research in FinTech disruptive innovation. In case you are interested you can watch this brief summary video.

The Live-Bio family in the Netherlands

Despite the high-profile conference, the speaker roles and the cameras, the real highlight of my recent trip to the Netherlands was to re-unite with the Live-Bio family in Amsterdam. There is nothing more rewarding than going to another country and finding friends who stayed with us at Live-Bio.

Naomi, Ivan and Hielke immediately responded to my request for catching up. Naomi booked a wonderful restaurant (right in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District 🙂 ) and the conversation flew as fast as time goes back in good company. Hanna was unfortunately unable to join us this time but we set up a new appointment for March, when another Finance conference takes me back to the beautiful capital of Holland.

Hielke, Ivan, Naomi, thank you for making the time and the effort to meet up. I don’t have enough words to express how much I enjoyed meeting with you, this time in your home turf, and how grateful I am that we have met you. I have spent over 15 years travelling frequently to the Netherlands but now the Live-Bio family there are my best friends.

Live-Bio family in Netherlands - from left: Ivan, Naomi, Heilke, Periklis

Live-Bio family in the Netherlands – from left: Ivan, Naomi, Heilke, Periklis

Live-Bio family in the Netherlands

Live-Bio family in the Netherlands