2015 marked the launch of Live-Bio, a project for travellers who want to experience authentic Greek holidays. It was a year full of baby steps: a late start to the season, only three rooms, unsculptured surroundings, but a treasure trove of wonderful guests who gave us the strength to push forward.

And what a year 2016 has been! Five continents, 27 countries, 19 languages and innumerable moments of magic. We have no words to describe, for a second year, the fortune we have had receiving all these wonderful guests who shared their authentic Greek holidays with us.

The year started with a huge change for us. After eight months of living in one of our guestrooms, we moved to our own place in January. Our objective was to develop a space that inspires us to do more, and that makes living in our own business worth the intrusion. It was a lengthy project; and looking around the room we still see so many things that are work in progress. But the simple furniture, pretty much all of them with my personal stamp, the large kitchen counter for cooking and the corner sofa all add an element of comfort for a couple that dropped cushy city live to live on the countryside of the Peloponnese.

We started the season with all our rooms fully renovated to the minimalist yet chic Live-Bio style. And we don’t have enough words to thank Jaide and Kim, the two inspiring American friends who helped us with the launch of the renovated spaces. We miss you girls and we always welcome you back!

We cannot anymore count the evenings we spent with all of our guests on the patio, the amount of dinners we shared, the bottles of wine we savoured, the meals at Odyssey, the sunsets on the sailing boat, and all the other moments we treasure as much as you do.

Startups are never easy. I have experienced before how difficult the first three years always are. We are now past the half way mark, with loads of plans for 2017. Nothing would have been the same without you. Thank you and we hope to see you again soon!

Magdalena & Periklis