We believe travelling is about engagement with people, the local communities and the local culture. Comfy beds and cocktails on the beach are great, but the sense of personal fulfilment is so much greater when they are combined with people-based experiences.

At the same time, socialising with people is something we have always enjoyed doing and one of the reasons we decided to drop our previous professional careers.

We have therefore aimed for Live-Bio to be exactly that, a small community hub for visitors and the local population. We love bonding with people from different cultures and backgrounds, we want to hear your story, we want to chat and laugh. We enjoy building relationships, with our guests, our suppliers and the local community.

We call them the Live-Bio family!


The most authentic Greek experience

What a trip it has been! I've been to nearly 60 countries in four continents, yet the time spent at Live Bio this September was so beautiful it makes the rest of the world pale in comparison. My partner Mike and I were originally planning a short stay... yet we ended...

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Live-Bio Lucky

Our visit to Live-Bio this summer was a very special time for my wife Holly and I. We met in high school in Savannah, Georgia U.S.A. when we were teenagers. We fell in love, and have been inseparable ever since. We have 2 lovely children—Grant (high school), and Jess...

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First year of the Live-Bio family

A sad southern breeze blew through our hearts the night we locked up our guestrooms for winter. It was the end of the first year of the Live-Bio family. At the beginning of 2015 it was only a dream. We had filled up our suitcases with ideas, plans and passion. Our aim...

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