We believe travelling is about engagement with people, the local communities and the local culture. Comfy beds and cocktails on the beach are great, but the sense of personal fulfilment is so much greater when they are combined with people-based experiences.

At the same time, socialising with people is something we have always enjoyed doing and one of the reasons we decided to drop our previous professional careers.

We have therefore aimed for Live-Bio to be exactly that, a small community hub for visitors and the local population. We love bonding with people from different cultures and backgrounds, we want to hear your story, we want to chat and laugh. We enjoy building relationships, with our guests, our suppliers and the local community.

We call them the Live-Bio family!

Humans of Poros

Humans of Live-Bio

Live-Bio Family

Humans of Poros – Alex Papadopoulos (2)

That was a time when I also did my military service as it was (and still is today) obligatory after school. I was sent to do it in Rodos. I was convinced they would put me in the kitchen due to my chef experience, but they actually put me...

Humans of Poros: Alex Papadopoulos (1)

I was born in South Hampton in England in 1990, but I grew up here on Poros together with my brother Iakobos (Jamie). He was always by my side since I remember. He taught me a lot. I appreciate the fact that we grew up on Poros as opposed...

Humans of Live-Bio: Asia & Rich

Following our "Humans of Poros" project, we would like to introduce you to our new series of short interviews with the Live-Bio guests called "Humans of Live-Bio". We get to meet some really cool and interesting people at Live-Bio so we...

End of 2019 Live-Bio Season

Amazing 2019! Today we are waving 2019 goodbye. It was Live-Bio’s 5th season, which is sometimes still hard for us to believe! We are happy and grateful, first of all because Magdalena has regained her health and strength. Secondly,...

End of 2018 Live-Bio Season

2018 has been an incredible year. It has also been a difficult one. Magdalena's illness was one of the biggest challenges we have had to face so far. But we look back now and only remember those happy moments. The new friendships, the old...