“I was born on Poros in 1943, one of two sons. My family owned two bakeries on Poros, known by our family name Asimomytis. Therefore, my first profession was baking.

But my first passion was football. I started playing football at the age of 15 and I played in all of the professional leagues of Piraeus. I stopped football when I got married, at the age of 32, because I was worried I would get injured and I would not be able to fulfill my family obligations. Family comes with responsibilities you know.

Studying was not really my thing. I only made it to the 6th grade. I then joined a technical school in Piraeus to study electrical engineering, but instead of attending classes, I attended all the football games of Olympiakos at the Karaiskaki stadium.

In the 70s I applied and permanently joined the naval academy on Poros where I worked as a baker for 38 years. This is where I got my pension from. And this is where I met my wife. When I joined as a baker, she joined as a seamstress. Dating was rather difficult living in the countryside. If anybody saw a guy with a woman, they would start gossiping, so we had to date in secret. It was not like today, that couples meet and go out in the open. Back then we used to go for a walk, but either me or her would have to walk ahead so that we are not seen together. It was nice times!

We have been married for 40 years now. We have two sons and a daughter together. I’m happy with my family, I have good kids, until now at least, because you never know what can happen in the future. My oldest son is married to a family that owns clothing stores and has two daughters – my grand children. He lives in Piraeus and so does my daughter, who also works for the clothing stores. My second son, Zacharias, works in construction and he also looks after 3 villas. He also has two children, a daughter and a son. Zacharias lives on Poros. If you don’t know him, you don’t know anyone on Poros.

My two children who live in Piraeus visit Poros on a regular basis. My daughter used to visit Poros every weekend, but now she had to cut down on the frequency due to the cost. We also visit them from time to time in Piraeus.